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high everyone.

Who else finds it hard to drink beer without smoking pot too? Like seriously. They just go so perfect together.

Man. I could be more stoned right now though. Oh well. There is always tomorrow.
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I personally hate beer. I loooove hard liquor and mixed drinks tho. I'm a busy girl, I don't have time to wait around and get drunk lol. Beer always made me feel like I was going to throw up, because it tastes so bad. And I have a really high tolerance for alcohol, I could drink more Bacardi than anyone under the table and not throw up, but I have one beer and have to sit with my head between my knees, eating saltines. lol. It's kinda weird. Maybe I've just had crappy beer. Coors Light. Yuck.

Every now and then I like to just take a bunch of shots and then light up. That is an amaaaazing feeling =D

This is kinda out of nowhere, but I'm a virgin and I know that after I lose it I want to have sex while high, or while high and drunk, or while high. My friend told me sex + drugs = orgasmic ♥
Haha. I should have just said its hard to drink without smoking because I agree, hard liquor and smoking go just as good together. I was really drunk when I posted that though.

Having sex when your drunk or drunk and high isn't always as fun as it sounds. I've done it a lot. Sometimes it can be, if the person you are doing it with knows what they are doing, but even then I've found that I can't be too messed up or I don't really feel anything at all no matter who I'm with.

However, having sex while just high is really awesome. And getting high right after really good sex is amazing too because it extends that good feeling.
wow, you can type rele good when your drunk lol. I rele can't. lol. I can't rele text when I'm drunk either tho, its pretty funny.

Yeah, I really want to do it while high =D