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Been a while...

Hey everybody, Spaz here.
I know its been many moons since I dropped by,but what can I say I got busy,then forgetfull...and I basically suck sometimes....and I was high. lol

I also got sucked into that vortex of suckness that is called myspace,I have since then decided that myspace is the suck and I will be doing more live journaling from now on.

Also,my mom reads my myspace page so I can't speak freely on there.

If I ever find out who told my mom to join myspace...well it wont be in there best interest to be around me for a while,unless they got some weed for me.

But anyway,I thought I would stop in and say hi, or "high" as the case may be,as I am going to be taking some bong rips of some killer shit as soon as my ex comes and picks up the kids tonight.

May the Force be with you always,
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