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[x]Name: Lydia
[x]Age: 18
[x]General location: Southern Maryland
[x]Gender: Female
[x]Eye color: Green
[x]Sexuality: Straight

Random Facts

[x]How often do you smoke in a week? Hm. It depends. I like smoking with people more than by myself. If I'm lucky, I smoke about every other day.
[x]How long have you been smoking? Less than a year. I was really against it for the longest time, and then I tried it, and it's been the best thing to happen to me, haha.
[x]Weapon of choice; Joint, bowl, bubbler, bong or other? Bong or blunt.
[x]Favorite munchie of choice? Anything. I can grub like no other.
[x]What kind of music/bands do you listen to while high? Hard rock or rap.
[x]What do you like best about being high? Feeling happy.
[x]What is your favorite movie to watch while stoned? Notorious was pretty sweet.
[x]How did you first discover the greatness of the reefer?
My first time ever doing anything with it sucked. It was about two years ago, and my boyfriend at the time gave me a little bit to chew on. Two hours later it kicked in and I was fucked up the whole night. Not fun.
First time I smoked it, I was at a friends house getting shotguns. I can't remember how long it took to hit me, but when it did I was just like "woahh". I geeked out for a little while, and then just laid there and chilled out for hours. Definitely amazing.

Random Questions.

[x]Is Marijuana socially acceptable where you live? In my crowd it is. It's all over around here.
[x]What are some laws involving marijuana where you live? All I know is that if you get caught with it, you're going to jail.
[x]What was your first high like? See above.
[x]What do you think about most when you are high? All kinds of crazy shit. Usually I think more clearly.
[x]What is your favorite smoking spot? I don't really care where I am usually, just as long as I'm with good people. If I'm with people I don't know or I'm not too comfortable with, it fucks up my high.
[x]What other drugs have you used? Like I said, I'm relatively new to the drug scene. I've only done weed and salvia. I also drink, if that counts, haha.
[x]Do you smoke with other people, or mostly just with yourself? Other people.
[x]What is your favorite thing to do when you are high? Intellectual conversations. Or laughing.
[x]What's the weirdest thing you've eaten while stoned? Would you recommend it? I drank milk out of a little bowl and felt like a cat. Also mixed about five different types of cereal into a giant bowl. Definitely would recommend it.
[x]Are you high right now? No, unfortunately.
[x]Please express your anger, if you have any, with the misconceptions of smoking marijuana
(e.i. the effects it has, braincell bullshit, etc.) and the image of what a pothead is? I just don't like the judgemental shit. It's my choice, get over it if you don't like it.

Finish the sentence.
(With a funny experience.)

[x]This one time I was so high...I suggested that my friend and I smoke a random plant that was growing nearby.

[x]The silliest thing I have ever done stoned is...talked about how I didn't want legalization, because I wanted to keep the dealing part of drug culture alive.

[x]Wow, looking back I can't believe I...drove in that condition. Eep.

[x]Post at least one picture of you (If you're not able too, it's understandable)

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