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[x]Name: Kyrie
[x]Age: 22
[x]General location: Miami, FL
[x]Gender: androgynous
[x]Eye color: Brown
[x]Sexuality: Not Too Sure

Random Facts

[x]How often do you smoke in a week? Too Many Times to count to be honest
[x]How long have you been smoking? about 2 years?
[x]Weapon of choice; Joint, bowl, bubbler, bong or other? Vaporizor or Blunts
[x]Favorite munchie of choice? Sour cream and cheddar chips mmmmmmm
[x]What kind of music/bands do you listen to while high? whatever is on the radio
[x]What do you like best about being high? The sex
[x]What is your favorite movie to watch while stoned? Anything FUNNYYYY
[x]How did you first discover the greatness of the reefer? My seestur introduced me to it

Random Questions.

[x]Is Marijuana socially acceptable where you live? Sadly, no
[x]What are some laws involving marijuana where you live? It's totally illegal
[x]What was your first high like? Not so good, i didn't know what i was doing
[x]What do you think about most when you are high? I don't think, haha
[x]What is your favorite smoking spot? My room, or my car (Hurray for hotboxing)
[x]What other drugs have you used? I tried Coke once, it was horrible
[x]Do you smoke with other people, or mostly just with yourself? Mostly with my BF, or with friends
[x]What is your favorite thing to do when you are high? Play VIDEOGAMESSSSSS
[x]What's the weirdest thing you've eaten while stoned? Would you recommend it? Uh.. good question i'll have to get back to you on that one
[x]Are you high right now? I WISH
[x]Please express your anger, if you have any, with the misconceptions of smoking marijuana
(e.i. the effects it has, braincell bullshit, etc.) and the image of what a pothead is? To be honest, i don't see why people care if someone else smokes pot or not, i mean we're obviously not really bothing anyone when we do, and just cause we do doesn't mean we're all dumb as shit and are all high school drop outs, hell i went to college for culinary arts so HA, take that you idiotic anti-pot smoking goody two shoes :(

Finish the sentence.
(With a funny experience.)

[x]This one time I was so high... i don't recall what happened

[x]The silliest thing I have ever done stoned is... ~.~ honestly.. i don't know.

[x]Wow, looking back I can't believe I... stopped smoking for a month for a drug test i never ended up taking :(

[x]Post at least one picture of you (If you're not able too, it's understandable)
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