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"high as balls"


[x]Name: Jocelyn (Jocie)
[x]Age: 19
[x]General location:  Sonoma County, CA
[x]Gender: girfran
[x]Eye color: bluishgreenishgrayishyellowishpurplish
[x]Sexuality: Lesbiannn

<strong>Random Facts</strong>

[x]How often do you smoke in a week? All day ever' day!
[x]How long have you been smoking? Since middle school, but not regularly until like a year ago.
[x]Weapon of choice; Joint, bowl, bubbler, bong or other? I love to roll joint, but bongs are my loooove
[x]Favorite munchie of choice? massive super burrito... damn I want one now fuck.
[x]What kind of music/bands do you listen to while high? anything and everything. I've been on a Motown kick lately! and ohhhh Atmosphere...
[x]What do you like best about being high? The fact that I actually love the world.
[x]What is your favorite movie to watch while stoned? trippy indie shit. Fantasia is epic.
[x]How did you first discover the greatness of the reefer? My brother smoked me out in the backyard when I was 13 at like 7am before a play rehearsal. I craved it ever since.

<strong>Random Questions.</strong>

[x]Is Marijuana socially acceptable where you live? This is a major hippie county... hella narcs though.
[x]What are some laws involving marijuana where you live? If you have a medical card, you can purchase and use it, but if not you're screwed.
[x]What was your first high like? I have no idea.
[x]What do you think about most when you are high? The condition of my life.
[x]What is your favorite smoking spot? I miss smoking in nature. I'm always in this damn apartment,
[x]What other drugs have you used? la coca.
[x]Do you smoke with other people, or mostly just with yourself? Others, for the most part.
[x]What is your favorite thing to do when you are high? listen to music, be with friends, laugh hysterically, discuss crazy things, dance
[x]What's the weirdest thing you've eaten while stoned? Would you recommend it? trix and m&ms in milk. Weirdest shit ever, i was so fucking stoned. I don't even know what it tasted like.
[x]Are you high right now? Permabake, bitches.
[x]Please express your anger, if you have any, with the misconceptions of smoking marijuana(e.i. the effects it has, braincell bullshit, etc.) and the image of what a pothead is? I'm not angry, just sad that so many people can't experience the benefits of this wonderful plant out of stubbornness, ignorance, or religious beliefs. It's really amazing and they'll never know...

<strong>Finish the sentence.</strong>
(With a funny experience.)

[x]This one time I was so high...that I had a panic attack while eating pop rocks at the drive in and started hyperventilating because i thought i had pillars of sparking fire all over my mouth. My friend thought I was going to die.

[x]The silliest thing I have ever done stoned the potter puppet pals "Snape" song from behind a refrigerator door.

[x]Wow, looking back I can't believe I...didn't get arrested in the dorms last year.

[x]Post at least one picture of you (If you're not able too, it's understandable)

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