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Anyone else going to march on May 3rd?

The Global March to Legalize Marijuana should be happening in a city near you on May 3rd - anyone else planning to go?  (For those in the Philly area it will be meeting at South & Broad at 4 pm)

We went last year and it was such an awesome feeling!! There were tons of folks honking their support as they drove past (even a school bus driver, heh). Cops were leading the march and totally cool (How often do you get to shout "I SMOKE WEED" 10 feet from a cop??) People all over the crowded sidewalks were cheering us on - many of them joining the march as we went. Such an awesome vibe to be surrounded by so many other liked minded folks from all different kinds of back grounds. 

Tho as my friend put it.. It will be even better when we no longer need to march.. 

Anyway.. just at least think about becoming a Stoner Activist ~grin~ No one ever got anywhere by just sitting on their butt. Write letters, vote, use your freedom for peaceful protests..Legalize today & get high tonight!

/end Public Stoner Announcement :)
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